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Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of sale

The Parmenide Agricultural Company, with legal and administrative headquarters via Coppola, 10 – Fraz. Velina
84040 Castelnuovo Cilento (hereafter “COMPANY PARMENIDE”), makes available to all users the possibility to purchase extra virgin olive oil (hereinafter “Product”), through the website (hereafter ” Site “).

1. General notes
The Customer (hereinafter “Customer”) is invited to print or to preserve, according to the preferred methods, these General Conditions.
In case of variations of the General Conditions, to the purchase order, as specified in the following articles 3 and 4 of these General Conditions (hereinafter “Purchase Order”) will apply the General Conditions published on the Site at the time of sending the Order by the Customer.

2. Offer to the public
The Products and the relative Prices presented on the Site constitute a public offer according to the methods specified in the General Conditions and on the Site itself. The Conditions of this offer apply exclusively to purchases made on the Site. The purchase contracts (hereinafter “Contracts”) stipulated on the Site are concluded with L’OZIZIENDA PARMENIDE.

3. Prices
The Price shown on the Website at the time of sending the Order is applied to the Products, without any consideration of previous offers or any subsequent price changes.
The delivery costs (hereinafter “Delivery Charges”) are charged to the Customer and adequately highlighted in the Purchase Order (hereinafter “Purchase Order”).

4. Purchase Order
Purchase Orders must be made on-line through the order process (hereinafter “Order Procedure”) on the Site.
In order to proceed with the completion of the Purchase Order the Customer may, alternatively, follow the following procedures:
In the event that the Customer is already registered on the site (hereinafter “Site User”), it will be sufficient to enter their login credentials (username and password).
In the event that the Customer is not a User of the Site, it will be sufficient to insert in the appropriate form the requested data, necessary to make the Purchase. The COMPANY PARMENIDE reminds that the Customer, before proceeding with the Purchase can at any time become a User of the Site by registering online.
The Customer successfully concludes the Order Procedure if the Site does not show any error message (the system can not detect errors in reference to the data entered by the Customer in the field dedicated to the addresses for billing and shipping).
The Purchase Contract will be considered concluded upon receipt of the Order by the COMPANY PARMENIDE. In this case, the COMPANY PARMENIDE will acknowledge receipt of the Order by sending an e-mail order confirmation (hereinafter “Order Confirmation”) to the e-mail address communicated by the Customer.
This Confirmation will summarize the Products selected, the relative prices (including delivery costs), the address for delivery, the order number (hereinafter “Order Number”).
Simultaneously with the communication of the Order Confirmation, the amount corresponding to the Products purchased will be charged to the Customer in case of payment by credit card / paypal.
The Order Number, generated by the system and communicated by L’AZIENDA PARMENIDE, must be used by the Customer in any communication with the COMPANY PARMENIDE.
It is possible that occasional non-availability of the offered Products may occur, in which case, if the Products chosen by the Customer are not, in whole or in part, available, L’ORAZIENDA PARMENIDE will communicate it to the Customer.

5. Methods of Payment
Payment can be made by following the instructions on the site.
The COMPANY PARMENIDE will issue an invoice that will be sent together with the shipment of the goods.

6. Delivery methods and related expenses
The delivery of the material, which will take place by courier, is subject to the successful payment.
The shipping terms must be considered indicative and not essential.
Stocks: if the recipient, or your representative, will be absent when the courier passes, a notice will be left and subsequently agreed by telephone to the address left when placing the order online, a second delivery appointment without any additional cost. If this action is not successful, the material must be returned to the headquarters of L’AZIENDA PARMENIDE.
All further expenses and actions to get hold of the purchased goods will be provided by the recipient, including the costs incurred by the COMPANY PARMENIDE for the return of the goods.

7. Support services
The Customer may have information about the After Sales Service, by contacting the COMPANY PARMENIDE through the channels listed in the “Contact” section.

8. Legal guarantee
The Customer has the right to make use of the legal guarantee provided for in the Civil Code. This Warranty provides, inter alia, that the customer, under penalty of forfeiture, denounces to the COMPANY PARMENIDE any lack of conformity found in the product purchased within 8 (eight) days of discovery. The legal guarantee referred to above is valid for a maximum of 12 (twelve) months from the delivery of the product. Beyond this term, the COMPANY PARMENIDE, therefore, will not be responsible for the conformity defects found by the non-consumer customer.
To be able to use the guarantee, you must show the purchase document.

9. Communications
All communications may be sent to the COMPANY PARMENIDE, using the contact channels listed in the “Contact Us” section of the Website at the addresses indicated above.

10. Competent court
For any dispute in any case inherent, dependent or connected to a contract governed by these general conditions of sale, even in the event of continence or connection of cases, the jurisdiction is reserved exclusively to the Court of Salerno.

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